Kyon(キョン)/John Smith(ジョン スミス) (onlysaneguy) wrote,
Kyon(キョン)/John Smith(ジョン スミス)

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Fifty Four [audio, locked from hostiles.]

Hey, you're looking better kid.

... Whatcha doing?

Oh ah... I still have that thing those Wizards gave everyone years ago, you know to let people look at their own worlds?

[a pause, the D-Comm is now closer to Kyon now so he'll be louder.]

And you haven't used it yet? What the fuck Kyon.

Shut up, I'm doing it now alright.

[Neemon is grumbling, but he goes quiet. And the feed is quiet for a good few minutes until someone, Kyon, drops something close to the comm.]

Kyon? ... Kid? You okay?

[silence and then the comm is clicked off.]
Tags: don't ask... really, log post, stupid digital world, the universe haets kyon, wtf wtf wtf
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