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I can't find Kyon but there's a weird ass Koemon in his room.


... So, halloween is in less then a week. I have no costume and well... The thing. Yet I feel calm when I think about it.



[locked to Mega Man X and buddies, but not Zero cause he's evil. Hackable by DATS folks if they wanna try.]
Hm, I've seen what's being going on with you guys on the comms, you okay X? It's like the fifth game all over again, only I don't think you have the Nova Strike for massive weakpoint damage. I know I probably can't be much help, but if you need it I'm offering.

Thirty-Four [locked from hostiles]

It would be really nice if anytime I left Royal Base I somehow didn't end up injured in some shape or form.

[locked from Haruhi Suzumiya]
Asakura Ryoko; a fine good reason for me never leaving this place on my own ever again. And taking Neemon does not count.

Thirty-Three [locked to DATS members]

... So.

Anyone here able to get a Leomon's Lion King Sword out of a wall? Mine is... Kind of stuck in one.

Thirty-Two [locked from hostiles]

So, I've been released from the medical wing for a while now I guess I should let everyone know that. And I didn't tell her that, and I don't plan on it, so no need to worry about it.

Back on active duty too. Fun. And uh, Koizumi sorry about punching you.

[locked to Mikuru Asahina]
... Miss Asahina, I know you probably hate me now but...can we talk? In person, not over the D-comms.

[locked to Pervy McPervingtonAshton Anchors]
Erm, Mister Ashton right? I'm going to try and spare you having to face Haruhi, because she'll end up doing this in a much more painful way then I ever could if she finds out but... If you ever hurt Miss Asahina in anyway your life will be hell.

I do have my promise to her to keep.

((All strikes are hackable, but the first one cannot be seen by Haruhi at all.))

Thirty-One [audio]

[what sounds like sheets moving, and then some mumbling]

Huh, Kyon... it's late, go back to slee--

[more sheet rustling and then a clatter as the D-comm is knocked of the bed]

Whoa hey! You shouldn't be getting up! Kyon lay back dow--Hey don't take the D-comm, give that back!

[sounds of a scuffle and then the very familiar sound of digi-soul and then a thunk and a groan from Neemon, all before the D-comm is clicked off]

((Yes, he's gone to go do that stupid thing. A log will be up... uh, soonish? idk. And Kyon will not be replying to this fyi.))

Thirty [audio]



... m'sorry.

[locked from Haruhi Suzumiya and Hostiles//Unhackable]

... I'm gonna tell her the truth, the whole truth.


Commanders Satsuma, Suguru and Yushima.

... I know this is a bad time, or not what with Masaru and Yoshino's wedding having gone past, and I'm not shirking my duties as an agent of DATS but. I need to take a small break, for personal reasons. If I may. I'll have Neemon with me, and my D-comm so...

Yeah. I'm not very good at asking this.

I'd also prefer it if my Unit leader didn't know, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen.

So, if I am allowed to do this I'll be leaving the base as soon as possible sirs. And I'll try to keep it as short as possible so I may return to my duties with DATS as normal.
Okay now... like this, and then... how would he say it? Damnit, I'll just be straight forward since he's a pussy.

Uhm, hey Haruhi? Know that pretty much everyone in DATS is invited to the wedding but... Would you like to go with me, as in like... a date?


((Strikes are viewable by anyone who isn't Haruhi. And the post registers are coming from Kyon's D-comm, so yes... Upamon is being evil.))

Twenty-Seven [audio, italics are Upamon]


Miss Asahina? Nagato? Are you two okay? Has anyone seen Koizumi?


Uhm. Mister Sonic and your partner... thanks.


Hey, Kyon... Isn't this where our room was?

... yare yare.



I honestly didn't think Lotusmon would come here and do it.


I guess I owe that Chuumon some BITS, ah well~.


Well at least today was uneventful, thank God.

[locked from Tatum]
Although some weirdo on the comms tried to give me a gift, I didn't accept it. I don't take things from people I don't trust. Shut up, Koizumi.But other than that it was a normal day.

Oh, uh... Suzumiya? I found something I want to show you, if you're interested.

((ooc: strikes seeable by SOS-dan members who aren't Haruhi Suzumiya. Also this is before the epic evil planned for Kyon's Birthday gift.))


So, lotsa folks have birthdays this time of year. Heck, I was very surprised to find out that Kyon's is only in a week! He'll be a man on the 18th, it's wonderful~!

And then I got an idea.

So anyone know where I can find a nice Angewoman to make him into a man on his birthday? I can pay her well! Or any good looking women who'll do it, really.

[backdated to before the Lils log as well, Neemon is an ass but not that much of an ass.]


... Huh.

June already. Makes me feel old.

[locked, private, hackable like an easily hacked thing]
The splint thing is off in another week, and I have to put weight on the leg but... At least it means I can actually go pretty damned far and not have Neemon being all..

Creepy worried. That and how the hell did he get good at Othello?

... Nobody's gonna read this anyway, why the hell am I even asking that. Heh, guess this place does make people crazy.

Twenty Two


I was TRYING to help Kyon out, cause yanno he hurt himself 'cause he's an idiot, by taking care of him and he KICKED ME OUT.

The nurse's uniform is proper attire damnit! Unless...


Twenty One

Yggdrasil, God.

... Riiiiight. A talking tree makes about as much sense to be God as Haruhi being God is.

I still hurt from that fight with the Dark Area too, damnit.

[Strikes are seeable by everyone who isn't Haruhi.]

I think I over did it.

[Neemon shouting "OF COURSE YOU DID.", most likely from across the room]

Shut up Neemon. And what the hell are you doing anywa--

[long pause, and then Kyon groans] So that's where those things went.

((ooc: Kyon = sore from training. Neemon = FINISHED TAMPON GUN. Ta-dan.))

Nineteen [locked from Suzumiya Haruhi]


... [shuffling on his end, anyone near his room may just hear Neemon shout "CALM THE FUCK DOWN KYON"]

... May as well bite the bullet.

Suguru-san, Satsuma-san and Yushima-san? I, uhm... Kind of... knew what Asakura was capable of, before the whole thing the other night happened. And erm, how do I put this?

Haruhi can't know the details of anything concerning Asakura, she just can't. I'd like my world to still be there as it is, thanks. I kind of don't want to have to save it for a third time.


Well, things are back to normal. If you ignore everything else that's going wrong. And I haven't been able to find a room for the new clubroom... thing, Haruhi wants, and I've been looking day in and day out.

[locked from Suzumiya Haruhi and Asakura Ryoko]
I've got one of those devices, still, from the wizards. We should probably get together sometime, without Haruhi, and see what's going on back home. So, when should we do it?

And uh, Ichigo just pick a time and a place and I'll show up. After a nap.


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